Sydikos Discovers Real Magic!

On a recent trip to London Sydikos discovered a magic wand in a small, out of the way, antique shop in the East End. The owner claimed that it had once belonged to Harry Potter and that it actually worked. Although he didn’t believe the sales pitch, Sydikos bought it anyway as a gift for the grandchildren. However, after playing with it a bit he found, to his astonishment, that he could make himself disappear. What a marvelous ability when trapped in boring meetings or stuffy parties. The grandchildren will not be getting the wand.


5 thoughts on “Sydikos Discovers Real Magic!

  1. There have been many times in my life when a tool like this would be useful. The question is, though, how does one come back? And, furthermore, where does one go when one disappears?

  2. The Cy I know doesn’t need a wand to make magic – he’s been doing it all his life, in one form or another. Especially in photography.

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