2 thoughts on “Sidikos Comments on the Curse of Perfectionism

  1. it said to click to make it full size, but it didn’t change, so I couldn’t read the small print. I did try, though.

  2. Well done, Cy. It did enlarge nicely when I clicked on it. Your theme reminds me a bit of a person I once worked for. I would bring him a proposal that I had spend considerable time on and he would send it back with a note, “Not good enough, try again”. I would redo it and get it to him a second time and he would send it back, “Still not good enough. I know you can do better”. The third time I would send it or more likely ask to meet with him to go over the fine points (after getting ticked off enough to spend many more hours redoing it) and he would send a note saying, “I’ll read this version”.

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