Dr. Lockner Accepts Foot Award

This afternoon in front of a cheering crowd, Dr. Lockner received the Dr. Foot Award for excellence in foot surgery. The award was presented by a representative of the Dr. Foot Foundation who pointed out that Dr. Lockner was the first surgeon in the United States to be honored by this prestigious recognition. Sidikos extends his congratulations to Dr. Lockner.

Dr. Lockner

4 thoughts on “Dr. Lockner Accepts Foot Award

  1. Congratulations, Dr. Lockner! (I have seen this certificate in person; it’s a beauty! Perhaps the artist should win an award of his own…)

  2. Personally, I am not surprised that he accepted the award. I mean, who could pass up such an honor. My only question is whether this is an international award on a par with a Noble Prize, or more local??

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