It was a Dark Night in Frankfurt

Sidikos was out for a midnight stroll in Germany several years ago when he observed an unusual scene. A German pedestrian stopped for a stop sign and waited patiently for some minutes for the sign to change to green. The street was absolutely empty of cars and people and yet he waited until it was okay to cross. Sidikos was so impressed with this scene that he drew this cartoon as a memory of the occasion. This is the first time it has been published on this site.

[S3_embed_video file=’The Stoplight.MP4′]


Sidikos Connects with Jimmy Murakami

Just in from Sidikos: Paying his respects to a world class animator and one time colleague sidikos sent this short “blackout” honoring the bugs, including those that inhabit computers. He will be posting an animation soon by Mr. Murakami that is also a treatise on the same subject…that the bugs will ultimately win. Witness the longevity of the cockroach. Stay tuned. [S3_embed_video file=’Bugs Sidikos.mp4′]

Just in…Apotheosis to a Napkin.

New video from Sidikos. He was taking a break from the Duffy series and having dinner with a talented and creative young friend when they began to draw on napkins. Sidikos was so inspired by this young lady’s drawing that he added a little animation and asked that it be posted on his blog to honor the artistic abilities of this talented young friend. [S3_embed_video file=’SopranoA.mp4′]

Revenge of the Moth

Sidikos drew this cartoon when he was eight years old. His mother was very impressed but his father, the Greek shipping tycoon, was not.
He thought that the young artist should should be designing ships. His mother secretly saved the work you see here.[S3_embed_video file=’The Moth.mp4′]