Sydikos is Back

Sydikos explains his long absence. It seems that while visiting the Duomo in Florence, he was inadvertently locked in when the church was closed for the night. He was forced to spend the entire night alone in the dark. What he observed that night was so strange and surreal that he felt compelled to report the story to his loyal subscribers and fans. Since Sydikos prefers to explain by animation, it has taken well over a month for him to draw and animate the story of that amazing evening.
Not familiar with Italian? “Che ne sara’ di noi?” translates to “What shall become of us?”

The Ancient Villa Fondolacchi

Villa FondoThe Villa Fondolacchi, ancestral home of the beautiful Princess Paola Fondolacchi, now married to the extraordinary artist, Sidikos, is located on a secluded and private mountainside near the city of Florence. Because of their passion for privacy the Fondolacchi family villa is not well known to the Florentines. With special permission the family has allowed Sidikos to show several photographs of the Villa, a view of the garden and the ancient wrought iron gate. (Click on photos to enlarge)                                                                Fondo VillaFondo Gate ECU

Sidikos announces the world’s first All Golf Comic Book!

Duffy Offer copy

And here’s how you can get a copy absolutely FREE!

20 pages of the misadventures of “Duffy” (the sad sack of golf) are yours free simply by sending a self-addressed and stamped ($1.40) 9 x 12 size envelope to Sidikos at 4126 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis MN 55407. Your free comic book will be sent by return mail. But hurry. Only 20 books have been hand printed and bound by Italian artisans so the supply is limited.


Sidikos Jets To Italy

Sidikos Jet                            Sidikos heads off to Florence Italy to attend a large family reunion at the Villa Fondolacchi just outside the city of Florence. The lunch is expected to last about three weeks. In addition to family matters, Sidikos will be checking on the status of his recent Bugatti purchase as well as attending an art exhibition as an honored guest at the exclusive Abracadabra Galleria in the center of the city. Friends of Sidikos will be showing their works on paper. (See attached announcement) Stay tuned for more info to come.Mostra Poster A


Dr. Lockner Accepts Foot Award

This afternoon in front of a cheering crowd, Dr. Lockner received the Dr. Foot Award for excellence in foot surgery. The award was presented by a representative of the Dr. Foot Foundation who pointed out that Dr. Lockner was the first surgeon in the United States to be honored by this prestigious recognition. Sidikos extends his congratulations to Dr. Lockner.

Dr. Lockner

“Dr. Foot Award” goes to Minneapolis Doctor

Foot Award for Blog                            When Sidikos was in the Twin Cities recently for the Winter Carnival he found it necessary to have foot surgery. The doctor that performed the operation was so exceptional that Sidikos put his name in to receive the prestigious Dr. Foot Award. The award committee agreed with Sidikos and the presentation will be made sometime in the near future.