Midnight Madness in a Florence Cemetery

Florence Italy is a favorite hangout for Sydikos. The famous cemetery at San Miniato has just recently reopened for visitors and Sydikos, intrigued by the great quantity of “portrait busts” of deceased Florentines, decided to sneak in after dark and take a series of night time photographs. What happened that night was astounding. Following is a video report taken by Sydikos’ iPhone .

Sydikos is back!

Sydikos has been struggling with this blog for weeks. The aggravation of trying to find the bug ( to say nothing of the horrible smell of the unemptied garbage ) has been intense. A burnt offering to the Computer Gods has, hopefully, solved the problem. If this all works, first the garbage will be emptied, and then Sydikos would be pleased if you would scroll down to the next post ( click on the “Previous” arrow) for a belated New Years message from DOM, the dweller of the Duomo. Comments will be appreciated.

Message from DOM for the New Year

DOM, the creature that lives in the dome of the Duomo in Florence, is obsessed with the existential question, “What shall become of us?” ¬†As the bells ring in the new year, DOM finds yet another way to impart his gems of wisdom to Sydikos’s loyal fans. Here’s to a Happy 2015!