St. Paul Winter Carnival Ice Sculpture Contest Entry?

Yesterday the Sidikos jet, on an international polar flight, landed for refueling at the MSP St. Paul airport. While the plane was being fueled and serviced, Sidikos went into town to observe the world famous Saint Paul Winter Carnival Ice Sculpture Contest. On the way back to the airport he came across this sculpture in a churchyard and wondered why it had not been entered in the contest.  A poem had been scratched onto the ice wall of the unusual structure and Sidikos shares it below.                                                                   Needless to say, the jet left this frozen tundra the instant refueling ended.                                   a icehouse

It’s winter in Minnesota and the gentle breezes blow,                                                              Seventy miles per hour at fifty-two below.                                                                                             Oh, how I love Minnesota when the snow’s up to your butt;                                                       You take a breath of winter air and your nose is frozen shut.                                                               Yes, the weather is wonderful, you may think I’m a fool.                                                       I could never leave Minnesota ’cause I’m frozen to the stool.

Bitter Fight Ended

A year long labor-related legal battle on the Greek Island of Kos, Sidikos’ home base, has recently ended. Observing the struggles and the attitudes of the the opposing lawyers gave Sidikos the idea for this cartoon sent from his private jet somewhere over the eastern Mediterranean. ( Double click to enlarge.)

Law Life