Sidikos flies again


Message from Dublin Airport: Sidikos and the Princess Paola have taken off in the private jet.  The destination of the lovely couple is unknown. It is rumored they’re off to D.C. pending on the weather situation in the nation’s capitol. Sidikos left this cartoon behind for publication. He claimed that this thought came to him while watching the Olympics and imbibing in several glasses of a rare French champagne, Perrier-Jouet. Strongman

“Moth’s Revenge” The End of the Bug Trilogy

Sidikos adds this short animation as a final statement on the ultimate victory of the tiny creatures, the bugs. It was one of the first computer animations completed by Sidikos some time ago. Because of limited resources at that time all sound effects were done by mouth and friends. The diabolical laugh at the end represents a stunning performance by the Princess Paola.

[S3_embed_video file=’The Moth.mp4′]



Sidikos Connects with Jimmy Murakami

Just in from Sidikos: Paying his respects to a world class animator and one time colleague sidikos sent this short “blackout” honoring the bugs, including those that inhabit computers. He will be posting an animation soon by Mr. Murakami that is also a treatise on the same subject…that the bugs will ultimately win. Witness the longevity of the cockroach. Stay tuned. [S3_embed_video file=’Bugs Sidikos.mp4′]